Character designer and animator from Auckland, New Zealand.


New Portfolio!

Hi all! Just wanted to share my new portfolio! I am still working on creating my own site but in the mean time, Portfoliobox provides great looking professional online folios with easy interface. Please check them and my site out!:)

Concept for a character named Clara.
© 2014 Elayne Chan
Trying out some dogs..need to draw more animals me thinks…
More concept art for “One Dollar Goldfish”.
 © 2014 Elayne Chan

Character concepts for a short film idea I am currently working on, called “One Dollar Goldfish”. The story has since developed since my last two concept sketches, if the boy looks familiar at all;)

Done in Photoshop CS5.5

Lori & Rowan © 2014 Elayne Chan

 © 2014 Elayne Chan
© 2014 Elayne Chan
Ref used.